Deploy REST API to retrieve data with no coding required

Data API Gateway that is already built for you!

Consume data from any database, define a data model, and use it with every app

Data API that is
already built

Make it easy for your team to query the data and build rich analytical reports, dashboards, or data integrations.

Peekdata is a perfect addition to your existing data collection pipeline and storage solutions. Use Reporting and Data API Gateway to query your data stored across various databases (RDMBS or Columnar type) flexibly and in a standardized manner via REST API. In addition, use Report builder to quickly enable advanced querying for your reporting needs and visualize your data in a user-friendly UI.

Connect to ANY data SOURCES

We support any SQL-compliant data store: RDBMS and Data Warehouses.

  • API Request
  • Generated SQL
  • API Response
  "requestID": "f95bee4a-e26a-42d7-97ee-f05e2548f583",
  "consumerInfo": "Peekdata-Sales-Report",
  "scopeName": "Bicycle-Shops",
  "dataModelName": "Sales",
  "dimensions": [ "CountryName" ],
  "metrics": [ "AVG-Sale-Price" ],
  "filters": {
    "singleKeys": [
        "key": "CountryCode",
        "operation": "EQUALS",
        "values": [ "US", "CA", "UK" ]
SELECT -- rqid=f95bee4a-e26a-42d7-97ee-f05e2548f583
   co.Name as CountryName,
   AVG(oi.Price) as AVGSalesPrice
FROM Customer c
  JOIN Countries co
    on c.CountryID = co.CountryID
  JOIN Orders o 
    on c.CustomerID = o.CustomerID
  JOIN OrderItems oi
    on oi.OrderID = o.OrderID
WHERE co.Code IN ("US", "CA", "UK")
GROUP BY co.Name
    "requestID": "f95bee4a-e26a-42d7-97ee-f05e2548f583",
    "columnHeaders": [
            "title": "Country Name",
            "name": "CountryName,",
            "dataType": "varchar(100)",
            "format": null,
            "alias": "countryname_1"
... ], "rows": [ [ "United States", 722.50 ], [ "United Kingdom", 905.50 ] ], "totalRows": 3 }

Quickly get Reporting API

We leverage the Schema-less approach. Define any metrics and dimensions according to your needs. Quickly create and easily maintain your REST Reporting API by defining and updating your Data Schema in on place.

Out of the box Data visualization

Power up your UI with our ready-to-deploy Reporting Builder or use our Javascript SDK to easily integrate common data visualization libraries and front-end frameworks like BizCharts, Chart.js, React.js.

  • Bar
  • Line
  • Pie
  • Donut
  • Radar

Interactive Report Builder

Enable your users to create ad-hoc queries. Adding our Custom Report Builder Component to your existing solution will enable your users to browse the data, create reports of their choice, and export them to files.
Just like your own Google Analytics type of functionality!

Save time and reduce development costs

Make it easy for developers, data experts, and customers to access the data from any source and build reports or ad-hoc queries through a single Reporting API endpoint.

Faster development

Report Builder, Reporting API Engine, and JavaScript components support popular visualization libraries, and examples give you a quick start and new value-added features to be embedded into your products. Standardized, single, flexible schema Reporting API will remove the need to constantly develop custom APIs for data retrieval.

Extensive transparency

Our solution gives you an extensive overview of how exactly your data is used and by whom. Detailed logging provides complete transparency and allows you to take timely actions in – product marketing activities, features priorities, storage structures, and queries optimization or migration to different technology.

Multiple data sources

Having multiple data sources and database technologies often leads to numerous ways of logic duplication across different implementations. Our Data API Engine reduces this overhead by providing a single, configurable layer to standardize data access with common business terms dictionary in one place.

Reduce dependencies

By separating business logic and data storage structures, you gain increased delivery velocity as it eliminates the need to have explicit knowledge of storage technology being used. Reporting API makes optimizing storage structures or migration to other technology more straightforward and faster.

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