Easily integrate our set of components into your existing apps, data collection pipelines, and infrastructure to power up your in-app analytics, dashboards, and reporting functionality. Wrap your databases with REST API and consume the data stored across multiple data sources through a single endpoint in a flexible and standardized manner!

The components are available as Docker containers, stand-alone executables, and libraries. Extensive documentation, examples, and professional support guarantee you a quick start and deployment to the production.We constantly update our product to help you reduce your development and maintenance effort.


Streamline the access to data through a single REST API endpoint
  • Schema-less data requests for different combinations of dimensions, metrics, filtering, sorting options
  • Query generation, with prevention of SQL Injection
  • Multiple response formats: JSON, CSV, Excel, XML
  • Only 30ms overhead for querying data model search and query generation
One gateway to multiple data sources
  • Multiple database engines supported: Vertica, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SAP SQL Anywhere, SAP Hana, Hadoop, Amazon Redshift, BigQuery, and many others
  • Naming  standardization of dimension and metrics
  • Works with Star and Snowflake schemas

Make Data Engineers’ life easier

  • CLI & UI tools Data model configuration and search
  • Data Model management API and visualization
  • Use Requests ID for easier debugging and tracking of request execution
  • Request routing through different data sources
  • Log dimensions and metrics usage

Report builder

Embed in-app analytics and ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Easy to integrate JavaScript components
  • Use templates for the most common data searches
  • Report management API for request storage and management
  • Supported visualization libraries: Highcharts, BizCharts, Plot.ly, Chart.js, etc.
  • Role-based limited access to the data model
  • Look and feel customization

Data exports

Automate ETL pipelines and data sharing
  • Export data to multiple data formats like Excel, CSV, JSON, or XML
  • Customization of CSV and Excel files
  • Prevention of CSV, Excel Injection
  • Data Export management scheduling API
  • Stream different file formats to S3, File, or FTP
  • Execution history and runtime monitoring

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