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reporting api

Make it easy for developers, data experts, and customers to read the data and build rich analytical tools, reports, or dashboards.


Power up your applications with Report Builder to enable end-users to create reports of their own choice. Use various data visualization libraries (BizCharts, Chart.js, React.js, etc.) to create a flexible environment for data analysis and insights to meet the growing demand of users to make data-driven decisions.

What is more, you can blend it with the Data Exports functionality for quick report sharing across multiple parties: team members, partners, and departments.

Data Governance

The data model (list of metrics and dimensions) is available in one place for all data sources within the enterprise, enabling straightforward and timely data discovery for data scientists, data engineers, DevOps, and other departments.
We allow you to normalize data model naming across various data sources, making it easy for data officers and engineers to be fully compliant with data governance policies.

A/B test Data features

Experimentation for data-driven features is easy with our engine. You can test different dimensions and metrics for reports by spending less than 10 minutes of your expensive developers’ time to validate and pick the best possible output for your application. And you will always know which metrics are the most useful and not used at all.

Faster Development of Data Applications

Single endpoint API with a schema-less design creates a perfect abstraction layer between business logic and data structures.

As a result, you don’t need to waste time on redundant development when the product owner requests a “small” change for the report output, UI or when DBAs want to change naming or data structures.

Free version is available

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